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10 quick-fire ways to retain staff

Although at Natio we focus on UX/UI Designers and the businesses that employ them, the principles of staff retention are really always the same. It’s certainly one of the most common areas that crop up when we talk to our business clients.

But why is staff retention so important?

Well, your staff are pretty vital when it comes to the success of your business. High staff turnover, especially when they’ve only been with you a short time, is expensive in terms of training and rehiring costs. It’s also likely to disrupt to your daily operations, not to mention the damage to morale.

Here we’ve put together ten quick ways to help you retain your staff as well as keep them happy and productive.

Get the pay right

A recent Glassdoor survey found that for 45% of employees who quit, salary is the number one reason.

Pay at least the market rate for each of your roles if the organisation can possibly afford to. Employees who are appropriately remunerated are more likely to feel satisfied and treated fairly. This in turn makes it more likely they’ll stay.

Carry out regular salary reviews

All employees will appreciate an understandable path to both pay and career progression. Defined goals and the knowledge that achieving them will bring certain financial rewards is a huge motivator. Carry out salary reviews regularly, and be transparent about the organisation’s pay structure and how it works.

Manage staff workflow effectively

Whilst of course staff should be busy, swamping them with too much work – or erratic/ unpredictable hours – is a one-way ticket to misery. Not only will people start to become burnt out, but they’re likely to end up on long-term sick. Or of course, vote with their feet.

Creating an environment where staff feel they can approach managers with their worries or concerns is vital. Only then will you get their feedback so any issues can be addressed early on.

Offer exciting work where possible

There’s no escaping it – some parts of every job are dull. But try to engage people in areas of the company that interest them and make the most of their talents. Boredom is a killer.

Be clear about career trajectory and growth

Someone slogging it out in a dead-end job (or at least, what they see as a dead end job) is unlikely to stick around for long. Most employees relish a challenge, and the opportunity to grow in their career. So help them understand what plans you have for their role, and how they can move up the ladder.

Be flexible about peoples’ individual needs

We all have our own commitments, worries, backgrounds and personalities. Whilst business needs are a priority, being able to listen to and meet individual requirements will make your staff feel valued. And those that feel valued are more likely to stay.

Allow staff to learn and grow

Accept that sometimes staff mess up – but where possible, encourage them to learn from their mistakes and move forward. Challenge their thinking, and offer regular training to boost their skills and knowledge.

Make your staff feel trusted

No-one likes to be micromanaged or feel like they aren’t trusted to do their job. It’s downright annoying. When an employee has the autonomy to work independently, it not only increases their confidence but their morale too.

Ensure adequate conflict resolution processes

Conflicts happen – it’s how they’re dealt with that matters.

Make sure you have a clear and well-communicated pathway for resolving disputes that actually works. When people feel aggrieved they need to know their voice is being heard – an unresolved conflict is more likely to lead to a walk out.

Include everyone

This links in to addressing individual needs that we mentioned earlier.

Some people are shy and quiet while some are much, well, louder. Others have particular religious or cultural beliefs, while some may have certain disabilities. But we can’t hammer this home enough – in addition to your legal/discriminatory obligations, make sure your working environment is inclusive to everybody. Create an environment that caters to all cultures and values. Otherwise, its easy for some people to feel excluded and they certainly won’t be productive or happy. Or hang around.

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